17 Mukhi Trijuti

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A very unique wonder of nature is Trijuti Rudraksh where three Rudrakshs get joined naturally on the tree itself. This bead is also known as Gauri Paath or Brahma Vishnu Mahesh and represents trinity. It is symbolizes all the basic characteristics of the universe. It is a unique Rudraksha which is produced only once in several years. It represents the complete personality and gives the wearer total control over difficult situation. It is said to be a very extremely powerful rudraksh which is believed to give universe appeal and empower the wearer with great achievements. An Indra Mala is not considered to be complete without this rudraksh. Because of this natural form, this rudraksh is very rare and only few fortunate chosen ones by almighty can possess it. It is said to be ideal for effective leadership and complete success.

The wearer is said to have the courage and energy to overcome any adverse situation, be it in material life or spiritual life. This is a excellent bead for spiritual progress as it connects the wearer with consciousness of the trinity. This bead can be kept at the place of worship also.  



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