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"HESSONITE GARNET (Gomed) is the symbol of pace and self knowledge in life. It helps you bring speedy growth and success. It harmonize your surroundings and helps you increase the ability of dealing with the situation. It helps your contemplation on spirituality. It represents Rahu, the present karma and self knowledge..."
Gomed (Hessonite Garnet)

Planet Sign(Rashi) Color
Dragon’s Head (Rahu) Virgo (Kanya) Brownish (Transparent Appearance)


Shapes Available:

Oval and Rectengular


Sizes Available:

5.25 carats to 11.25 carats

HESSONITE GARNET (GOMED) is the stone of planet “RAHU”, the dragon’s head. In Indian astrology, RAHU is said to be a shadow planet. He is the son of “SINHIKA” the daughter of “HIRNYAKASHYAPU”.

• As per Hindu mythology, at the time of “SAAGAR MANTHAN”, the devil “RAHU” managed to drink the immortal fluid “AMRIT” along with holy angels “DEVTAS”. Lord Vishnu became angry and cut his head using his “SUDARSHAN CHAKRA”. But as RAHU managed to drink “AMRIT”, he could not die. As the result the head and the trunk of his body were still alive. Afterwards, these two parts of his body became the shadow planet by the name of “RAHU” and “KETU”.

• These two planets are not there in the solar system. But Indian astrologers consider them to be shadow planets. RAHU and KETU are always placed in 7th house from each other and they always transit in the retrograde position in the horoscope.

• “RAHU” is a wicked planet.

• “RAHU” alike SATURN (SHANI), is said to be the SORROW of the “KAAL PURUSHA”.

• “RAHU” indicates the position of the paternal grandfather of the native. It indicates the false arguments, bonding, restlessness, wondering speech, conspiracy, black magic, tantra, smoking habits, dreams, wicked thoughts, swelling in the body, empires, states, philosophy.

Wearing a GOMED at the time of Mahadasha or Antardasha of “RAHU” helps in a native to get rid of the tribulations caused by the malefic “RAHU”.

Planet Dragon’s Head (Rahu)
Sign(Rashi) Virgo (Kanya)
Color of the HESSONITE (GARNET) Brownish (Transparent
Element of Planet RAHU AIR
Sanskrit Name of the Planet RAHU Agu, Tam, Sarvbhanu, Abhi, Krishnang, Kapilasdeergh, Asur, Guh, Sarp, Fani, Aagav
Element of the Sign VIRGO EARTH
Sanskrit Name of the Sign VIRGO Pathon, Tanvi, Varuni, Kumari
Sex of the sign VIRGO Female
Business & Professions Lead by RAHU Iron ore, poisonous products, leather, cement, mustard seeds, mustard oils, woolen clothes, blankets, rotten goods, vegetables, sharp piercing, foreign exchange, photography, astrology, ammunition, horse and camel trade, commission agents, lottery, circus, wine and smokes, rubber etc.
Diseases that may Cure by wearing RAHU poisonous diseases, non-diagnosable diseases, leprosy, black de-coloring eye disease, skin diseases, sleeplessness, abdominal and stomach related diseases, mental illness, itching, ulcer, blood diseases etc.
Vedic Mantra of RAHU "Om Raam Rahavey Namah"
Tantrik Mantra of RAHU "Om Bhram Bhreem Bhraum Seh Rahavey Namah"
No. Of repetitions of Mantra 108 times before wearing a HESSONITE GARNET (Gomed).