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This is a simple note to thank you for the time and Rudrakshas you've sent in our family which have improved things a lot.....
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Care & Precautions

Clean your mala / beads when you feel they require cleaning after regular usage. Dip in Luke warm water. Add some liquid soap. Keep for minimum 24 hours and then brush with a plastic brush to clean the dirt and grime that fixes in the pores of the beads. Then wash with running water and leave the beads to dry for several hours, and then apply some oil on the beads by using a brush. Sandal wood oil is best mixed with light Olive oil. Oiling may be repeated every few weeks or whenever the beads seem dry as oiling makes the beads strong.

If rudraksha are worn during bath, then it is recommended to keep them away from Soap, as it penetrates into the bead pores and makes them dehydrated. Regular washing with water is good for the beads. If not worn during bath, the beads may be washed in normal clean water, during prayers.

Rudraksha beads may be worn all the time. According to our authentic texts there are no do's and don'ts on wearing these beads. The beads are holy and one needs to maintain their purity and energy by treating them with respect and care. Regularly wash them, oil them and chant mantras with them. Wear the mala inside dress. When you take the mala off please keep in a pouch or a plate in your altar. You may take mala off at night and wear again in the morning after bath and prayers. Rest of the day there is no need to take off the mala.

Note Worthy Precautions at the time of purchasing Rudraksha

Rudraksha is recognized only by looking at the linings or mukhis on it. Some people's criteria is that it should sink and not float in the water or should rotate between two copper coins are wrong. These criteria cheat people. Therefore it is advised that the people should purchase Rudraksha only after observing the linings or mukhis. Experience and awareness in differentiating a Rudraksha bead from that of another berry or nut with carved lines would help. Remember that lower mukhi Rudraksha (from 2 till 7 mukhi) are available abundantly and faking does not take place in these. It is only in the case of rare ones like 1 mukhi round, Gauri Shankar or higher mukhis that unscrupulous people artificially carve out lines on lower mukhi beads, even a betel nut or berry to get the effect. Still an experienced eye can detect it. The number of mukhis in a rudraksha is same as the number of seeds inside it, so a 6 mukhi will have 6 seeds, 11 mukhi will have 11 seeds etc

Therefore whenever any person goes to buy a gem or a Rudraksha, he should buy from a trustworthy and well established source so that the purchaser may get guarantee of the item purchased. Hawkers, sadhus, astrologists who are hypocrites, can give false beads on account of their hidden greed and at last the genuine suppliers have to bear much loss. Therefore gems & Rudrakshas should be bought from genuine and true suppliers. When there is faith in the Rudraksha purchased, the effect of the Rudraksha is magnified and cherished results are obtained.

Lords Galleria offers Certificate of guarantee on rudraksha beads.